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Pico Pocket Projectors are empowering PowerPoint

July 30, 2010

Although projectors have been on the market for decades, the development of the Pico Pocket Projector is relatively new and these upgraded, smaller projectors are streaming into the technology market. The pocket projectors incorporate DLP (Digital Light Processing) which is used to create bright, powerful images onto a screen and they are brilliant for aiding PowerPoint presentations, enabling larger audiences to view presentations clearly and without any obstructions.

Pocket projectors are ideal for business and corporate PowerPoint presentations as they use a great deal less power than full-sized projectors, are light in weight and emit low levels of noise. The pocket projectors portability is perhaps its best selling point for businesses, as they can be easily transported and are perfect for presenting PowerPoint presentations all around the world.

The aaxa P2 Pico pocket projector is one of the brightest projectors on the market, producing the images from its 33 Lumen LED. Recommended for being a five-start projector by Projector Central, the aaxa P2 is guaranteed to stimulate an audience during a PowerPoint presentation. aaxa’s latest projector has a lot to offer for its pint-sized 260g weight, with its ability to project an image up to 80 inches in size.

3M have released the MPro 150 Pico pocket projector which has proved popular for its interchangeable Micro SD card. The card enables users to download PowerPoint presentations from a PC, as well as an iPod or a mobile phone. The MPro 150 has 1GB internal memory and includes an extra 2GB external memory card.

The Optoma PK 102 pocket projector is top of the range with its combination of features usually confined to larger projectors. The PK 102 is capable of displaying images on a screen up to sixty inches in size within a matter of seconds and can transfer a range of media to display such as photos and movies, as well as PowerPoint presentations. It weighs in at a dainty 100g and can connect to PCs, laptops, mobiles phones, MP3 and MP4 players, digital cameras and even gaming devices.

Article 10 think the latest Pico Pocket Projectors are nifty business tools which can really boost PowerPoint presentations by maintaining an audience’s attention through the use of striking and distinct image projection, perfect in a business situation. Pico pocket projectors also have the added bonus of creating a cinema-style experience when watching a movie in the comfort of your home.


PowerPoint: the Powerful education tool

July 30, 2010

Article 10 found this interesting article which highlights the benefits of PowerPoint within an educational setting, focusing particularly on how it can help students with a range of learning abilities:

Dean Traylor addresses the issue of students who learn most effectively through visual stimulation, emphasising that PowerPoint is an incredibly effective and useful aid for visual learners. Advancements in the world of technology now mean it is possible to incorporate a range of visual media into PowerPoint presentations, such as animation and video footage. Traylor highlights how these visual enhancements can enrich students learning experiences.

Panasonic launch the first 3D camcorder for consumers

July 29, 2010

Panasonic have released the first 3D camcorder for the mass-market and will be available to buy  from September this year. The HDC-SDT750 is a compact camcorder that captures 2D stills and video footage with a nifty 3D conversion lens. The camcorder consists of two lenses which amalgamate both of the images to create a 3D effect.

Although the HDC-SDT750 is missing a zoom function and is limited to capturing footage that is between one and three metres distance away, Panasonic claim that their camcorder will revolutionise the way we capture the key moments in our lives. Reviewers who attended the pre-launch have praised Panasonic for the camcorder’s sharp 3D effects and its ability to easily switch from 2D to 3D.

The HDC-SDT750’s adaptability will allow users to record their footage and images onto a memory card which can then be inserted into compatible television sets. Currently, footage can only be viewed on a 3D TV which makes it a pricey, yet worthwhile, investment. Panasonic have included editing software in all HDC-SDT750 packages, which gives users the option to amend their captured moments for the best viewing experience.

Article 10 are excited by the arrival of Panasonic’s 3D camcorder and think it’s a great leap forward for gizmos and gadgets in the ever expanding world of technology!

News: Article 10 lend a hand to Best Beginnings children’s charity

July 29, 2010

Article 10 have recently supported one of the UK’s leading children’s charities, helping them to build a strong profile and case to be presented to members of parliament and other leading charities. Best Beginnings are a charity dedicated to bringing an end to child health inequalities across the UK, envisioning a future in which all children will be able to enjoy excellent healthcare from the very beginning of their lives.

Best Beginnings required Article 10’s assistance with their campaign which aims to ensure that new born babies get the best possible start in life by encouraging mother’s to breast feed their new born babies for as long as possible. Best Beginnings went to the Houses of Parliament with members from seventy other charities and Charlie Webster, Best Beginnings’ ambassador, in the hope they could get breast feeding on the MP’s agenda.

Article 10 filmed the half an hour presentation which involved talks from five key supporters including Nottingham’s Labour MP. Using their expertise in filming post production, Article 10 edited the footage taken from inside the House of Commons. Two versions were exported: a full version and a one-minute taster.

Article 10 were delighted to have been involved in the charity’s campaign and showed their support by providing their services to Best Beginnings free of charge.

Offisync reaches Top 10 Google Apps

July 29, 2010

Voted one of the top 10 Google Apps on, Offisync promises to improve how we create, collaborate and share documents within a working environment by integrating Microsoft Office with Google Docs. It is free to download and users can upgrade to the Premium version.

Offisync adds a toolbar onto Microsoft Office which then extends the functions of PowerPoint, Word and Excel and also allows users to easily import content to the web. Colleagues can collaborate their documents in real-time which enables them to edit their work collectively and share finalised documents with one another.

The Google Application provides users with an online step by step guide, explained under the headings ‘Create’, ‘Collaborate’ and ‘Share’. It is ideal for in-house use and can also act as a key communication tool between businesses and clients.

LogicInMind release Slideshow Remote Control for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

July 27, 2010


Having to dart back and forth to switch between slides during a PowerPoint presentation can be distracting for audiences and presenters alike.

LogicInMind’s release of their Slideshow Remote Control for PowerPoint presentations will produce quicker and easier slide transitions at the touch of a button. The application is easy to use and is bursting with new features which enable users to be in control of all aspects of their PowerPoint presentation.

It has received praise for being the most advanced slideshow remote control to date, allowing the presenter to see which slide is on display and also shows the upcoming slide, preparing the user for what is coming next. LogicInMind’s Slideshow Remote Control also offers unique features, rich reader’s notes, advanced commands and easy connectivity.

This is a positive step towards getting PowerPoint presentations up to scratch and will boost the presenters’ confidence, particularly in a business environment. The Slideshow Remote Control Application is priced at $3.99 in the U.S (priced accordingly in the U.K and elsewhere) and has received excellent feedback so far. It is compatible with the iPhone, the iPad and iPod Touchscreen. See for more information.

News: Updating WallStreetdocs PowerPoint Template

July 23, 2010

Looking to improve their current PowerPoint template, WallStreetdocs required Article 10’s assistance in  designing a new PowerPoint template for their company. Providers for three of the core client segments (Banks, Law Firms and Corporate), WallStreetdocs aim to develop and market definitive document automation and were seeking a fresh, on-brand PowerPoint template that would make an impact on their audience.

Working from WallStreetdocs existing marketing collateral, Article 10 built a dynamic and unique PowerPoint template which emphasised the company’s key content using a comlimentary style and format that was in-line with their brand. Focusing on WallStreetdocs main priority to incorporate their brand colour more frequently into the template, Article 10 matched the company’s logo colours using their extensive colour palette.

WallStreetdocs also requested that we analyse and make amendments to the content and diagrams from two of their previous PowerPoint presentations, giving the overall product a much slicker, cleaner appearance that remained consistent throughout both PowerPoint presentations.

News: Article 10′s animation creation for Nickelodeon

July 22, 2010

Nickelodeon, the UK’s number one children’s commercial television network, came to Article 10 looking to assist with an important PowerPoint presentation. Established in 1993, Nickelodeon airs popular cartoon favourites such as Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer and The Rugrats.

Nickelodeon needed to present a 100 slide PowerPoint presentation to a well-known supermarket chain to report the potential sales of Nickelodeon products in their stores. Although Nickelodeon were using their corporate template design, their slides lacked consistency and impact.

Article 10 set to work by making amendments to their current slides, ensuring the sizing and position of the company’s chosen text and images were accurate, and the correction of these details made a huge difference to Nickelodeon’s presentation.

Incorporating relevant animation using Article 10’s expertise in advanced solutions and the use of additional eye-catching brand graphics made the slides stand out dramatically. The finished product oozed professionalism, providing Nickelodeon with a tailor-made, on-brand PowerPoint presentation to present to their client.

News: How we made Clinique’s skin launch ‘even better’

July 21, 2010

Article 10 have recently worked with Clinique to design and produce both a PowerPoint presentation and a video enhanced presentation to promote the launch of their new skin care range.

Clinique, founded by Estee Lauder in 1968, are one of the leading brands in the beauty industry, offering an extensive range of make-up, fragrance and skin care products for both women and men. They are recognised internationally and their products are currently sold in over 300 countries. Clinique are favoured by clients and customers alike for their promise to meet the individual’s beauty needs as opposed to providing a universal solution.

Article 10 were approached by Clinique seeking assistance with the launch of their skin care range, which included a Skin Care Corrector and a Dark Spot Corrector. They required a PowerPoint presentation that would capture their clients and customers attention to ensure a successful launch. The PowerPoint presentation included relevant, thought-provoking imagery and vital statistics to communicate Clinique’s key message. The use of clear and concise media highlighted Clinique’s overall success and Article 10 are proud to have played a direct role in their campaign.

Article 10′s Hints and Tips for PowerPoint presentations: No. 2

July 20, 2010

Tip 2: Try not to “prove it” with your slide content in your PowerPoint presentation. All too often we see slides that make a single point but are cluttered with loads and loads of supporting graphs and tables of information.

If the point you want to make is that your market share is 26% then just say it. Typically your audience will believe you. You can always add addendum slides at the end of the deck to be called on if really needed.

Keep checking the Article 10 website for more Hints and Tips from our team of PowerPoint experts.