News: Article 10′s comprehensive sales deck for IPD

IPD, the Investment Property Databank who are recognised internationally for providing analysis to investors, fund managers, property managers and occupiers approached Article 10 seeking a way to produce creative and on-brand PowerPoint presentations quickly and efficiently.

We were given the responsibility of being the sole designers for IPD’s PowerPoint assets so we invested a good amount of time in understanding how the team at IPD use PowerPoint as well as understanding their design preferences. Article 10 produced a PowerPoint Template for the company which incorporates boiler plate slides. This enables the world leaders in peformance analysis to choose from a selection of slides which they can adapt to suit their presentation needs as and when necessary.

To underpin this, Article 10 created a comprehensive sales deck enabling their sales team to pick and choose the slides they require as well as ensuring that they are able to be customised. Not only were these expertly designed, they were also scripted by one of Article 10’s top copywriters who ensured all the slides told a compelling story.

We hope this is only the start of a beautiful relationship with IPD.


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