News: Custom built front end system for Clarksons

Clarksons, ‘the heart of global shipping’, came to Article 10 looking for a solution that would enable them to create consistent, professional PowerPoint presentations from the comfort of their desk. As the world’s leading provider of integrated shipping services, Clarksons were seeking a solution that would allow them to create PowerPoint presentations to be used for business meetings and conferences for their international client base.

By creating a specially designed front end with custom toolbar, Article 10 provided Clarksons with a solution which has enabled the company to design PowerPoint presentations promptly whilst remaining on brand. Our expertise in design technology means that Clarksons can easily create presentations from their deck of custom boiler plate slides, these include complex charts, tables and organisational charts. The custom toolbar also enables users to populate titles, dates and key information at the click of a button. Clarksons are now able to produce presentations that are consistent in theme, format and layout, communicating impeccable professionalism to their audience time and time again.

Article 10’s extensive knowledge of PowerPoint presentation design has helped businesses such as Clarksons to get to grips with producing their own presentations efficiently and effectively every time.


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