LogicInMind release Slideshow Remote Control for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch


Having to dart back and forth to switch between slides during a PowerPoint presentation can be distracting for audiences and presenters alike.

LogicInMind’s release of their Slideshow Remote Control for PowerPoint presentations will produce quicker and easier slide transitions at the touch of a button. The application is easy to use and is bursting with new features which enable users to be in control of all aspects of their PowerPoint presentation.

It has received praise for being the most advanced slideshow remote control to date, allowing the presenter to see which slide is on display and also shows the upcoming slide, preparing the user for what is coming next. LogicInMind’s Slideshow Remote Control also offers unique features, rich reader’s notes, advanced commands and easy connectivity.

This is a positive step towards getting PowerPoint presentations up to scratch and will boost the presenters’ confidence, particularly in a business environment. The Slideshow Remote Control Application is priced at $3.99 in the U.S (priced accordingly in the U.K and elsewhere) and has received excellent feedback so far. It is compatible with the iPhone, the iPad and iPod Touchscreen. See www.logicinmind.com for more information.


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