News: Article 10 lend a hand to Best Beginnings children’s charity

Article 10 have recently supported one of the UK’s leading children’s charities, helping them to build a strong profile and case to be presented to members of parliament and other leading charities. Best Beginnings are a charity dedicated to bringing an end to child health inequalities across the UK, envisioning a future in which all children will be able to enjoy excellent healthcare from the very beginning of their lives.

Best Beginnings required Article 10’s assistance with their campaign which aims to ensure that new born babies get the best possible start in life by encouraging mother’s to breast feed their new born babies for as long as possible. Best Beginnings went to the Houses of Parliament with members from seventy other charities and Charlie Webster, Best Beginnings’ ambassador, in the hope they could get breast feeding on the MP’s agenda.

Article 10 filmed the half an hour presentation which involved talks from five key supporters including Nottingham’s Labour MP. Using their expertise in filming post production, Article 10 edited the footage taken from inside the House of Commons. Two versions were exported: a full version and a one-minute taster.

Article 10 were delighted to have been involved in the charity’s campaign and showed their support by providing their services to Best Beginnings free of charge.


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