Panasonic launch the first 3D camcorder for consumers

Panasonic have released the first 3D camcorder for the mass-market and will be available to buy  from September this year. The HDC-SDT750 is a compact camcorder that captures 2D stills and video footage with a nifty 3D conversion lens. The camcorder consists of two lenses which amalgamate both of the images to create a 3D effect.

Although the HDC-SDT750 is missing a zoom function and is limited to capturing footage that is between one and three metres distance away, Panasonic claim that their camcorder will revolutionise the way we capture the key moments in our lives. Reviewers who attended the pre-launch have praised Panasonic for the camcorder’s sharp 3D effects and its ability to easily switch from 2D to 3D.

The HDC-SDT750’s adaptability will allow users to record their footage and images onto a memory card which can then be inserted into compatible television sets. Currently, footage can only be viewed on a 3D TV which makes it a pricey, yet worthwhile, investment. Panasonic have included editing software in all HDC-SDT750 packages, which gives users the option to amend their captured moments for the best viewing experience.

Article 10 are excited by the arrival of Panasonic’s 3D camcorder and think it’s a great leap forward for gizmos and gadgets in the ever expanding world of technology!


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