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10/20/30 Rule

August 24, 2010

Guy Kawaski’s 10/20/30 rule is excellent. At Article 10, we often give clients similar advice with regards to presentation skills. Kawasaki’s 10/20/30 rule is snappy and memorable, making it simpler to produce powerful, professional PowerPoint presentations.


News: Freshening up nscglobal’s Summer Conference

August 24, 2010

nscglobal are a network integrator, offering cost-efficient and time-saving Implementation and Support solutions to world-class organisations such as BT, Siemens and T-Mobile. The company recently approached Article 10 seeking their expertise to create a bold, vibrant PowerPoint presentation for the nscglobal Summer Conference.

To make nscglobal’s Summer Conference fresher and more interesting, Article 10 developed a bespoke theme for the event. They initially designed and built a couple of slides for nscglobal to give them a clear idea of what the finished product will look like. The Article 10 team keep in contact with clients throughout each stage of the design process, which allows the clients to make alterations at any point and keeps them up to date with the project’s progression.

Working from the initial slides, our team of design experts developed a template design based on the conference title ‘Mountains to Climb in 2010’, populating the content into the new look and feel of the PowerPoint presentation, with the global element running throughout it. Article 10 worked through the content to bring the presentation to life, sourcing impactful imagery and custom graphics to represent the nscglobal’s key points. They also incorporated subtle animation, which kept the content flowing nicely to maintain the audience’s focus.

This is the third year that Article 10 have been asked to create nscglobal’s summer event PowerPoint presentation, having been impressed by their previous creation of the company’s HTML emails and web banners. Article 10 are proud to have produced so many outstanding PowerPoint presentations for nscglobal, alongside other projects for the company such as creating the video for nscglobal‘s reception and other publicised events.

‘Speaker to offer tips on public speaking’

August 17, 2010

Arnold highlights some key points with regards to giving professional, impressive presentations, especially when she says “a PowerPoint slide show should be complementary to what you say and not be the speech.” PowerPoint design experts such as Article 10 can really help boost the power of a presentation by giving advice and design criteria to make a presentation stand out and maintain an audience’s attention.

‘Do you have a cure for boring meetings?’

August 11, 2010

John Brieske asks how we can make meetings, and PowerPoint presentations in particular, more interesting:

Article 10’s advice:

PowerPoint presentations can be boring for a number of reasons, such as bad timing (overstretching or rushing through a presentation), lack of preparation (forgetting points or elaborating on irrelevant details) and the use of irrelevant or no imagery (overcrowding with irrelevant images or presentations that are too text-heavy). PowerPoint presentation design experts like Article 10 provide a range of PowerPoint solutions to enhance presentations, by making them slicker, keeping them consistently on-brand and ensuring that they are professional throughout. Above all, Article 10 can guarantee that your PowerPoint presentation won’t be boring!

News: Our on-demand service for Sogeti

August 11, 2010

A leading provider for structured testing solutions, Sogeti, contacted Article 10 for assistance with the UK’s Premier Software Event, TestExpo. Launched in 1996, the event offers a combination of presentations given by experts from leading organisations in the software testing market.

Article 10 provide an on-demand service for Sogeti, working to create various graphical elements for the company. Recent work has included designing and building a range of online graphics such as html emails, website imagery and animated banner ads. The use of Article 10’s stunning animated solutions works particularly well in exhibitions and conferences such as TestExpo.

Sogeti will often approach Article 10 in the morning and our team of PowerPoint design experts with deliver the new item by the end of the same day, providing an efficient and effective service every time.

News: Animation creation for EHS4D

August 10, 2010

Article 10 were approached by one of London’s leading marketing companies, EHS4D, to create an animated presentation for a well-known financial institution to use during an internal conference. EHS4D use a combination of digital, direct and data expertise to make brand promises relevant to their clients at every touch point, and they required Article 10’s PowerPoint design expertise to add technical advancements to ‘whizz’ their presentation outline together.

Taking their current ad campaign branding to build the PowerPoint template, the presentation showed their banking innovations which included the new technology being used in their recent branch refurbishments.

Article 10 created two verisions of the presentation; one for use in an auditorium and a second to be streamed live on the internet. The show included videos, for which the Article 10 team created still versions (a series of still images taken from the videos) to be played as a live web broadcast.

If you are looking to really impress your audience with PowerPoint design then the Article 10 team recommends using media enhancements to deliver a more memorable and influential presentation experience.

The presentation went smoothly and was well received by both EHS4D and their client. Take a look at our Client Testimonials to see what they had to say…

Step by Step Tutorial Software:

August 6, 2010

Step by Step is one solution for PowerPoint users who have the time to spend learning the most effective ways to create professional, stimulating PowerPoint presentations. However, if you are short on time it is worth getting some professional advice from PowerPoint design experts, Article 10. Take a look at our website for inspiration:

Article 10’s Hints and Tips for PowerPoint presentations: No. 3

August 6, 2010

Tip 3: Try to make one key point per slide.

If you make more than one point, your message will become complicated, unclear and won’t hit home. On the contrary, if your slide makes no solid point at all- delete it! You probably don’t need it…

Keep checking the Article 10 website for more hints and tips from our team of PowerPoint experts.

Another PowerPoint Remote released for iPad!

August 3, 2010

Check out iClickr’s PowerPoint Remote Control app: for more details