News: Freshening up nscglobal’s Summer Conference

nscglobal are a network integrator, offering cost-efficient and time-saving Implementation and Support solutions to world-class organisations such as BT, Siemens and T-Mobile. The company recently approached Article 10 seeking their expertise to create a bold, vibrant PowerPoint presentation for the nscglobal Summer Conference.

To make nscglobal’s Summer Conference fresher and more interesting, Article 10 developed a bespoke theme for the event. They initially designed and built a couple of slides for nscglobal to give them a clear idea of what the finished product will look like. The Article 10 team keep in contact with clients throughout each stage of the design process, which allows the clients to make alterations at any point and keeps them up to date with the project’s progression.

Working from the initial slides, our team of design experts developed a template design based on the conference title ‘Mountains to Climb in 2010’, populating the content into the new look and feel of the PowerPoint presentation, with the global element running throughout it. Article 10 worked through the content to bring the presentation to life, sourcing impactful imagery and custom graphics to represent the nscglobal’s key points. They also incorporated subtle animation, which kept the content flowing nicely to maintain the audience’s focus.

This is the third year that Article 10 have been asked to create nscglobal’s summer event PowerPoint presentation, having been impressed by their previous creation of the company’s HTML emails and web banners. Article 10 are proud to have produced so many outstanding PowerPoint presentations for nscglobal, alongside other projects for the company such as creating the video for nscglobal‘s reception and other publicised events.


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