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Another glittering testimonial for Article 10…

September 30, 2010

‘I’m very happy with the work Article 10 has produced, especially considering the limited time scale they were given. I was highly impressed with Article 10’s ability to meet our requirements and turn this around at such short notice!’

Karen Kohn, Office Manager of McNair Partnership


PowerPoint voted as ‘Best Presentation Creation Tool’

September 29, 2010

A multimedia website recently conducted a survey and the results show that the very best creation tool for presentations is PowerPoint!

Although Microsoft PowerPoint is globally recognised as a popular and easy-to-use presentation tool, there is now a wide range of programs available such as Keynote and Prezi. However, as this survey proves, PowerPoint continues to be the leading and preferred choice of presentation creations tools.

See the results at

News: A Top Job for Toluna

September 29, 2010

Article 10 were approached by Toluna seeking a new PointPoint template that would enable them to create exceptional, on-brand PowerPoint presentations with speed and ease compared with their previous template. Toluna also required a revamp of fifty slides, used to promote the services they can offer to their users.

Toluna is the ‘People, Opinions and Polls’ community website which connects over 400,000 people through their personal blogs, encouraging members to ask and answer each other’s questions to earn points and rewards. The company build and maintain panels for the likes of the BBC, British Airways and Royal Mail.

The Article 10 team built a customised PowerPoint slide template for Toluna , delivering robust formatting which guaranteed consistent brand identity for the company. Specifically tailored to Toluna’s business needs, Article 10 designed a unique automated toolbar for the company using their expert knowledge in PowerPoint Template design.

BBC News Story on PowerPoint presentations

September 28, 2010


Alternative ways of getting your message across’

This clip taken from the BBC News website suggests that PowerPoint presentations are a thing of the past. However, if the right approach is used when designing and building a PowerPoint presentation, the result can be astonishing. Whilst the new story features presentations that are a little extreme, it does highlight the importance of engaging your audience and not overloading them with data.

At Article 10, we strive to meet the needs of our clients and we are inundated with requests to ‘jazz up’ what would otherwise be dreary and repetitive PowerPoint presentations. The use of visual and aural stimulation can really boost a presentation and Article 10’s expertise in animation as well as other forms of media enhancement always succeeds in bringing our clients presentations to life.

Check out to find out more.

News: Moorhouse get more from PowerPoint and Word

September 28, 2010

The Article 10 team have been hard at work creating a new PowerPoint template for Moorhouse Consulting, the award-winning programme and project management delivery and advisory specialists in London and Europe. Based on the current content and format in which the company create their PowerPoint presentations, Article 10 created a bank of boilerplate slides which mirror Moorhouse Consulting’s company values, vision and principles, remaining consistently in-line with their brand. The slides were adapted to suit the company’s requirements and included integrating Microsoft Excel, Project and Visio content.

Article 10 also designed and built a new Word template for Moorhouse Consulting, which involved producing and installing a user-friendly toolbar which will allow the company to create documents quickly and easily. As well as being beneficial for text-heavy documents, Word templates simplify the process of adding graphs, charts and images to documents.

Smiles all round at CameronTec

September 23, 2010

Article 10 recently used their design expertise to update CameronTec’s PowerPoint Template. See what they had to say at

Article 10 would like to welcome Amanda Reuben to the team!

September 16, 2010

News: Article 10’s Rotation Animation for Sony Europe

September 15, 2010

Article 10 have been putting their skills in PowerPoint presentation design into practise for the award-winning international technology company Sony Europe to promote their exciting new product and technology launches.

Sony Europe provided Article 10 with a basic outline of the slide contents and required Article 10’s assistance to develop an animated, stylised and branded presentation to impress their target audience.

Working from Sony Europe’s corporate template, the Article 10 team incorporated the company’s event branding to give the presentation a bespoke feel to it. We created a stylised background which we tailored to each slide depending on the content. The ever changing background design kept the PowerPoint slides looking vibrant and engaging.

To build a highly animated presentation, Article 10 used the 3D rotation styles in PowerPoint to bring the text and content to life whilst creating an image style in Photoshop, which made the product shots really stand out. Want to find out more about Article 10’s PowerPoint design services? See the Article 10 website.

‘Save us from Death by PowerPoint’

September 13, 2010

Professor Judith Sloan makes some interesting points in her article ‘Save us from Death by PowerPoint’

There is a stigma surrounding the use of PowerPoint in a business environment, often suggesting that PowerPoint presentations are dull, too lengthy and lack relevant information. Or, on the contrary, are too overcrowded with data, leaving audiences bewildered.

A PowerPoint design agency such as Article 10 can really boost a PowerPoint presentation, in terms of its professionalism and aesthetic appeal. Sloan highlights how presentations that are too long results in an audience forgetting the content, along with switching off very quickly. Article 10, London’s leading PowerPoint design agency, provide cost-effective solutions tailored to a company’s business needs. PowerPoint Templates are a great way to ensure PowerPoint presentations remain consistently on brand and follow a recognisable design pattern, fighting off incidents of confusion amongst an audience.

Check out the Article 10 website for Hints and Tips on how to make your PowerPoint presentation effective time and time again,

News: Article 10’s on-brand PowerPoint presentation for K3

September 10, 2010


K3 required Article 10’s expertise to design and produce a high-impact sales presentation consisting of thirty slides to be used in a business meeting with one of the UK’s top brands. We worked on transforming K3’s original content into an attention-grabbing PowerPoint presentation in-line with their existing brand. 

The K3 ‘retail people’ are part of the K3 Business Technology Group providing retailers with innovative and measurable Microsoft based solutions. By helping retailers engage with their customers, K3 aim to save their clients time and money by helping well-known brands such as Adidas, Fat Face and Agent Provocateur meet the challenges of today’s competitive market.

Article 10 focused on developing a presentation containing a balanced blend of custom graphics and PowerPoint animation which incorporated K3’s colour scheme, typography and key brand elements. Boilerplate slides were also included with sample content to enable K3 to insert their own additional slides with efficiency and speed in the future. Members of our design team used their expertise to bring the PowerPoint presentation content to life to complete the overall style and the look and feel of the presentation, remaining consistent and on-brand throughout.

The Article 10 team have produced a range of PowerPoint presentations and PowerPoint templates for large companies such as Control Circle, Clinique and Castrol to name a few, proving a range of solutions most suited to each of the company’s needs.