‘Save us from Death by PowerPoint’

Professor Judith Sloan makes some interesting points in her article ‘Save us from Death by PowerPoint’ http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/save-us-from-death-by-powerpoint/comments-e6frg8zx-1225919886416.

There is a stigma surrounding the use of PowerPoint in a business environment, often suggesting that PowerPoint presentations are dull, too lengthy and lack relevant information. Or, on the contrary, are too overcrowded with data, leaving audiences bewildered.

A PowerPoint design agency such as Article 10 can really boost a PowerPoint presentation, in terms of its professionalism and aesthetic appeal. Sloan highlights how presentations that are too long results in an audience forgetting the content, along with switching off very quickly. Article 10, London’s leading PowerPoint design agency, provide cost-effective solutions tailored to a company’s business needs. PowerPoint Templates are a great way to ensure PowerPoint presentations remain consistently on brand and follow a recognisable design pattern, fighting off incidents of confusion amongst an audience.

Check out the Article 10 website for Hints and Tips on how to make your PowerPoint presentation effective time and time again, www.article10.com.


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