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Article 10’s glowing testimonial from Devatas International Ltd

October 26, 2010

‘Article 10 provided a quick professional service for our company; they have an excellent copywriter who was able to grasp the style of writing and message we wanted to promote in our presentation’

Avinder Laroya, Director


‘Can Your PowerPoint Presentation Rival TV Advertising?’

October 18, 2010

Tips to make your presentation jaw-dropping, from suspense and solutions to guinea pigs and risk taking.

Another winning PowerPoint Template for Devatas International

October 13, 2010


Article 10’s expert knowledge was put into practice once again when they were approached by Devatas International, the professional project management company who aim to liaise with the necessary clientele to make project delivery much more manageable for the world’s leading companies.

Devatas required a helping hand in creating PowerPoint presentations that were consistent in design and could be used in numerous business meetings and conferences. Article 10 created a user friendly on-brand template, enabling Devatas to create stunning PowerPoint presentations for their clients within any given time limit.

Devatas trusted Article 10 to copywrite the content for four striking, individual PowerPoint presentations that consistently represent Devatas’ brand identity.

Smart Tips for a Great Presentation…

October 11, 2010’s Alexander O McGee considers eye contact, breathing techniques and the importance of knowing your audience when giving a PowerPoint presentation…

Another PowerPoint tip from Article 10…

October 4, 2010

Another hint from the PowerPoint experts at Article 10

“Set your stall out early. Your audience will appreciate knowing at the beginning what you are going to cover.
As your presentation progresses, keep referring back to your initial agenda using highlights to show where you are up to.
Then at the end, summarise what you’ve talked about. The evening news on TV is great at this. Their format is:
– Tell them what you’re going to tell them
– Tell them
– Tell them again what you told them
Audiences remember content structured in this way.”

Article 10