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‘Speaker to offer tips on public speaking’

August 17, 2010

Arnold highlights some key points with regards to giving professional, impressive presentations, especially when she says “a PowerPoint slide show should be complementary to what you say and not be the speech.” PowerPoint design experts such as Article 10 can really help boost the power of a presentation by giving advice and design criteria to make a presentation stand out and maintain an audience’s attention.


‘Do you have a cure for boring meetings?’

August 11, 2010

John Brieske asks how we can make meetings, and PowerPoint presentations in particular, more interesting:

Article 10’s advice:

PowerPoint presentations can be boring for a number of reasons, such as bad timing (overstretching or rushing through a presentation), lack of preparation (forgetting points or elaborating on irrelevant details) and the use of irrelevant or no imagery (overcrowding with irrelevant images or presentations that are too text-heavy). PowerPoint presentation design experts like Article 10 provide a range of PowerPoint solutions to enhance presentations, by making them slicker, keeping them consistently on-brand and ensuring that they are professional throughout. Above all, Article 10 can guarantee that your PowerPoint presentation won’t be boring!

PowerPoint: the Powerful education tool

July 30, 2010

Article 10 found this interesting article which highlights the benefits of PowerPoint within an educational setting, focusing particularly on how it can help students with a range of learning abilities:

Dean Traylor addresses the issue of students who learn most effectively through visual stimulation, emphasising that PowerPoint is an incredibly effective and useful aid for visual learners. Advancements in the world of technology now mean it is possible to incorporate a range of visual media into PowerPoint presentations, such as animation and video footage. Traylor highlights how these visual enhancements can enrich students learning experiences.